„Hunagram“ is the joint name of my mandalas, which were and are born out of higher inspiration. These are sacral mandalas, which blend the Hungarian symbol system that has evolved over thousands of years - meanwhile ingrained in our DNA -, and the specifically applied energetic elements of esoterology. We don’t need to understand this system consciously; our subconscious mind recognizes it.

Like everything in the Universe, the symbols also represent force and vibration. They are impacting us with their energy, even if we do not understand their meaning. Through the conscious and purposeful application of the symbols, the artist helps us to attenuate certain energies, and boost other vibrations in ourselves to a higher level. The force symbols of the Love-Unity Mandala capture the energies of the Universe, and stream them to us.

The runes symbolize ancient forces. In reality, they are ancient signs of our whole humanity, which represent the active force. Hungarian is the language of creation: texts written in Hungarian runes have also strong power. The Universe “understands and applies” these forces.

As the result of the above, the harmony of the mandala rejuvenates the internal balance of those around. Her completeness and perfection impacts the subconscious brain by generating pure and harmonic forces and patterns in the spectator.

Place it where you can see it often, because this is the way to create the positive energy quality in yourself that is generated by the mandala.

If you would like to place a Hungarian Love-Unity Mandala in your home, I will make it for you.

In addition to the mandalas below, I prepare for you unique, personalized mandalas for special occasions (e.g. wedding, birthday, anniversaries…)

With true love,








The artist: Marianna Venczák



Handy: +36 (20) 938 0209


Mandala to the Heart of Hungary
Aphrodisiac Mandala for Women
Aphrodisiac Mandala for Men
Hungarian version
German version