The Perfect Present: for Christening, Birthday, Graduation, and Wedding Anniversary

Like the other Hunagram mandalas, this mandala uses the appropriate elements of the Hungarian symbol system to convey the messages of bliss, health, love, harmony, fertility, abundance, and success as well, through the power of esoteric energetics. The portrait of the celebrated person is in the middle of the mandala-energy stream; they are surrounded by the blessings of the person who gives the present.

A unique, elegant, personalized present for life!

Technique: mixed on paper – aquarelle, pastel, pen, cold golden enamel, Swarovski crystals

Size: 225x200 mm + - passe-partout: 7,5 cm Price: HUF 45,000.-

Made to order, after the arrival of the purchase price on the bank account. The price includes the cost of the painting, the passe-partout, and delivery within Hungary; it does not include framing. Upon request, I can include the framing for a separate fee.