This Mandala focuses on peace, unity, love, harmony, resumption and success: made for Hungary, using Hungarian ancient and folk art symbol systems, in addition to esoteric energy elements. It is nourished by the Hungarian folk art, and the Hungarian spirituality. The folk art symbols help the artist to tune into the Hungarian national vibrations, and to elevate them to higher dimensions. The ancient symbol elements were transferred by our ancestors from father to son and mother to daughter not only by teaching, but these also live in our DNA. Therefore, they impact us even if we do not know what they mean.

The Love-Unity Mandala was born by the inspiration of higher forces. During the process of creation, I simply followed the direction given to me: a sacred mandala. The middle point of the mandala symbolizes the center of the world: the ancient force, the birth. This point never moves, but everything rotates around it.

Like everything in the Universe, the symbols also represent force and vibration. They are impacting us with their energy, even if we do not understand their meaning. Through the conscious and purposeful application of the symbols, the artist helps us to attenuate certain energies, and boost other vibrations in ourselves to a higher level. The force symbols of the Love-Unity Mandala capture the energies of the Universe, and stream them to us.

The runes symbolize ancient forces. In reality, they are ancient signs of our whole humanity, which represent the active force. Hungarian is the language of creation: texts written in Hungarian runes have also strong power. The Universe “understands and applies” these forces.

It helps to find ourselves, and to accept others; stimulating compassion and love. It promotes “us”, instead of “me” – resulting in more harmony. It strengthens the family bond, the security and abundance of our home. It brings fertility, rebirth, positive progress in health and work, along with purification.
It activates the root-, the heart- and the throat chakras

Size: 15 x 15 cm +- pass-partout 7,5 cm Technic: mixed, pen, watercolor, cold gold enamel, Swarovski kristall

Each mandala is an original, hand-made artwork, with signature.